tell me now

(Spoken Word Piece)


if i don’t see a tomorrow

tell me now.


if daybreak’s golden gleam doesn’t meet my

mossy green


tell me now.



i’d write it in my will

but you know the drill


i’d already be well acquainted

with these

bugs and beetles

seven feet beneath

your very feet


you see,

i can’t see the tears in your eyes during that elegy

lifetime apology

sure you’re sorry


i wish you’d- tell me now




i can’t reach your hand and hold it

grab my

shabby, back alley

sewing kit

and stitch up the heart

you tore apart

all for me


sunrises aren’t the same

you’d say

then join the line and pray

send me,

far, far away


tell me now

so I can reply

like every angel needs its wings to fly

every sunrise has its sunset

every life

its regret


while living I may have wished

for the success I

almost kissed

the chances I

may have missed


but my only request

tell me now

before I am forever,

at rest.

– ammarah siddiqui


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