rain in june

it’s raining in june

and it makes me hate you


hate your tearstained cheeks

and engraved umbrella

a stupid gift from your grandma

but you got me one too


the way water rolls down my window

in rivulets that know to imitate the patterns

they made down the glass of the Chevy

with its temperamental wipers

that never fully cleared the dash


the puddles that pool near the poppies you planted

you said bouquets died too early

and the red buds would outlast even us


the sound of droplets

their steady thrum on my roof

that’s starting to sound like your murmur


it’s raining in june

and god do i wish for the sun

because everytime it pours

i remember my umbrella

with our initials

under your thumb.

– ammarah siddiqui

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