point zero one

i want statistics on things like love

on how many souls feel it

and how many don’t put it into words


statistics on soulmates

and the potential for me to meet mine

on the lifetime of a spark

and the chances for it to survive


stats on falling at first sight

and if its limited to


the percentage of accuracy with which

i can deem them ‘the one’

or the ratio of lost loves

to found


the probability of pain if my heart does break

and how many second chances you give

an irreversible mistake


i wish to enumerate

airport crushes and elementary pacts

digits for every charged- eye contact


i need a database on ‘what ifs’

‘could’ve beens’

and ‘wrong time, right persons’


yet hearts do not keep tally

and souls cannot be scaled

numbers offer no warning

and graphs won’t prepare


the heedless lover

from walking a path uncharted

by modern mathematics


if i had statistics on things like love

i fear i’d still take my chances

even on a point zero one

– ammarah siddiqui

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