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I would personally like to thank Sara for the content that she has put out into the world and created for the public. From the website URL,, to the range of content that the site hosts, her work is inspiring and has great potential to become a revenue-generating site when considering the creative elements and Sara’s personal affiliations that cater to a broad audience. I have also included some advice as to what Mind on Fire can improve to create a larger impact including, affiliate content like AllRecipe’s built in ingredient locater and sponsored promotions via partnerships like Your Modern Family employs with Amazon.

It is important to note that I personally feel that Sara’s blog is not meant for intensive monetization as she includes an entire category of mental health resources that hint to a public service element to the website. This said Mind on Fire can still generate revenue through avenues that do not take away from the content and purpose of the webpage.

The audience that Sara caters to can also be seen through her short but potent About Me page and Land Acknowledgement section of the site. On both pages Sara details key elements of her personal identity including her Colombian heritage and struggles with mental health that add to the ever evolving “authenticity” that many struggle to capture within their digital persona (Akbari 2018). Since mental health affects many individuals in a range of ways, Mind on Fire’s content can be applicable to a range of individuals with special focus on those with passions for literature and art.

Mind on Fire spans a variety of themes including categories that include commentaries on mental health related themes as well as a ‘Daily Serotonin” website section for personalized content that is tailored to daily reflections. I also appreciate Sara’s consistent attributions for all references she makes within her posts, keeping consistent with the ‘Curators Code,’ “which urg(es) website owners to be more upfront in attributing where they found the content they post” (Bleymaier 2013). This offers a unique ability for the website to reach out to the referenced sites and pages and get reposted to mental health accounts on platforms like Instagram to “gain visiblity and increase (her) reach” (Iftode 2018).

After sifting through categories on the site I found a specific post that talked about certain books that Sara appreciated reading (for the sake of my audience I will not go into depth but love her approach). This particular post drew my attention because I thought of how easily she could potentially monetize the post by adding Amazon or Chapters Indigo links to digital or print copies of the books and recieve a portion of the profits from the purchases of any of them. This could be something that Mind on Fire pursues if she does write individual reviews for each of the books as she said she is planning to. In the words of Sarah Cordiner, “if you have book recommendations – you could be making money from those recommendations!” (2021).

The site as a whole encompasses Sara as a holistic individual with very real experiences that are not watered down or generic. I appreciate the spirit she displays in tackling daily monsters and making them stomachable while normalizing not being okay through her works. I hope that by way of affiliate marketing and partnerships the site will be able to gain traction and increase its impact on a growing visitor base.

If you would like to visit Sara’s site and check out her content yourself you can do so here and don’t miss her amazing poem that I loved reading.



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