she knew i hated jukeboxes

but she bought me one anyway


let the radio run and filled the silence

like a fridge’s steady thrum


she’d sing while sudzing

and argued in the shower

her reflection holding its own


she’d buy those obnoxious poppers

the ones that spewed fetti’ bits

and bursts of rabble

for every holiday

belt the birthday chorus

like she owned its copyright


at every graduation

she’d clap and holler

and give no damns

louder than every other kid’s

noisy great aunt


she’d laugh in theatres

and whisper through tunnels

on trains-

click her heels


with clack in her gait

she bought records

for every day of the year


from soprano to base

she danced tap and ballet

with piano breaks in between


she filled the silence

and found it sound


and slowly she became

the most beautiful woman

i ever did hear

-ammarah siddiqui


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